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Dog Day Care & Doggie Day cr�che Hampshire

At Day Care, Dogs play and socialise with other Dogs of their temperament and play style. Human attention is always provided. They have indoor and outdoor space, a secure garden where the can run, have fun and play with toys, and plenty of surrounding countryside.

Dog Day Care is a haven for Dogs

Providing loads of love, care and attention in very comfortable surroundings. We only accept a small number of Day Care guests at one time as space is restricted to maintain safety and comfort, so please call or email to check availability.

Dog Day Care is a great solution

For those who are working or have a very busy schedule. All Dogs at Day Care have a minimum of 1 walk per day. We feed the Dogs as per owners instructions.

Our Philosophy

Is that your dog is part of the family and not a commodity and that is why when in the care of PetGo we treat every dog as if it were our own. Please note that Day Care is only suitable for Dogs that are comfortable in the company of other Dogs.
ALL Dogs MUST be fully up to date vaccinated to include Kennel Cough with relevant documentation


Home Alone, Don't be!

Dear Friends

Come and join in the fun on our walks or stay the day or night, you're sure to have a good time and we will even share a bone or two!
Or let me come and help look after you in your own home, either way we look forward to meeting you.
Sacha, ( the dogs: Skye & Blue )
Telephone Sacha on:
01730 891301
or mobile:
07775 954951