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Dog Walking Services Hampshire

PetGo are Responsible and reliable

Our dog walking services operates on a daily, weekly or regular basis to suit the individual needs of the client. If you are out at work or away for any reason during the day but returning at night, dog walkers provide a welcome break for your dog.

Our service includes collecting and returning your dog to your home (we will always ensure they are rubbed down with clean paws before entering the house!).

We will never walk more than 4 dogs at one time

We believe that walking too many dogs at a time does not give each dog the attention and exercise they need. It can also become a safety issue. However, our policy doesn't mean that we won't walk one owners' dogs together if required. It does mean that we will not walk more than 4 owners' dogs for the sake of profit.

If you wish, we can keep to your routine i.e. keep your dog on/off lead.

In the interests of health and safety we must insist that your dog(s) are vaccinated and treated with a recommended flea control programme.


  • Your dog gets the exercise it needs
  • You don't feel guilty
  • No more rushing around in the morning and dark evenings to take the dog out.
  • Most of all your Dog gets to play with new friends




Home Alone, Don't be!

Dear Friends

Come and join in the fun on our walks or stay the day or night, you're sure to have a good time and we will even share a bone or two!
Or let me come and help look after you in your own home, either way we look forward to meeting you.
Sacha, ( the dogs: Skye & Blue )
Telephone Sacha on:
01730 891301
or mobile:
07775 954951