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Dog Home Boarding for Dogs in Hampshire

PetGo offer Dog Home Boarding in Liss Hampshire

Home Boarding is a form of pet minding but where your dog comes to stay with us in our home and where insurance will also cover us for overnight stays. It provides a more sensitive and caring alternative to kennels, in comfortable, non distressing surroundings, providing peace of mind to both owner and dog.

Your dog will come and live in our lovely home as one of our family, with myself, and my two lovely well behaved Black Labradors Skye and Blue. They will have free run of our secure gardens to play in, in a counrtyside setting in Liss Village. 

Not only will your dog not be put in a kennel and have to endure another thirty or forty dogs all barking and being taken out only briefly a couple of times a day. With Home Boarding your dog will have all the luxuries like being at home, treats, cuddles, play and as much exercise as they like, with a trained and experienced dog handler at close hand at all times.

As our guest

Your dog will be fed and exercised to your specific requirements so as not to disturb his usual routine too much. He will be treated as you wish and if you have any particular training issues you would like us to focus on, we would be more than happy to do so.

Plenty of love and attention will be given with lots of fun with physical and mental stimulation in your absence. Rest assured your dog will be kept safe and happy to allow you to also enjoy your holiday.
ALL Dogs MUST be vaccinated (up to date) to include Kennel cough 


Home Alone, Don't be!

Dear Friends

Come and join in the fun on our walks or stay the day or night, you're sure to have a good time and we will even share a bone or two!
Or let me come and help look after you in your own home, either way we look forward to meeting you.
Sacha, ( the dogs: Skye & Blue )
Telephone Sacha on:
01730 891301
or mobile:
07775 954951